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Zipangu lists articles on Japan that are published by major American and Japanese media. This list can be useful as a database of articles when you would like to compare various view points of the US and Japanese media on Japan' s current events and issues. You can also use the list to look for articles you may be interested in but have somehow missed. Also if you read through it, you can quickly learn what is going on in Japan and what the current concerns of the Japanese people are. Articles with mark are recommended by Zipangu as particularly interesting reading materials because of their well-researched information and/or outstanding and sometimes controversial viewpoints.

All the articles here can be found on the web. We have included the website address for the articles that are free to read beyond the short limited period of time. However, because of possible copyright infringement, nothing is linked. As for the articles without a web address, please go to each media's site and read their archival policy as some of the articles may be free to read for a certain period after publication.

July 21-31, 2001

  • PM Koizumi and Upper House Election
  • PM Koizumi and Yasukuni Visit
  • WWII: POW, Slave labor, and Comfort women
  • U.S.-Japan Relationship and Japan's Defense Strategy
  • China-Japan Relationship
  • North Korea-Japan Relationship
  • Ehime maru
  • Whaling



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