Pearl Harbor Questionnaire

If you are aware of any notable articles, interviews or essays about "Pearl Harbor," please let us know. Also, you may participate further by answering our Pearl Harbor questionnaire. Zipangu is currently looking to interview different people about Pearl Harbor. Please vote for the names of people whose voices you would like to listen to on this subject. By providing a forum that allows you to voice your opinions, experiences and ideas, we intend to unravel social and political concern that has been carried over into the 21st century.

Send your feedback about Pearl Harbor. You can answer one, two or all three of the questions below. We will post your responses on our web bulletin board. If you want to write in Japanese, please go to our Japanese site and use the reply form for Japanese language.
  1. What do you think about when you hear the words, "Pearl Harbor"?

  2. When did you first hear the words, "Pearl Harbor," and in what context?

  3. What do you think was and is the significance of Pearl Harbor to Japanese and Americans?

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