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Deepest condolence and heartfelt sympathy to the victims of the World Trade Center's attack from the Japanese people who have been able to enjoy living here in New York. We appreciate the open-mindedness of this city which enlightens people to accept diversity and transnationality. We are proud of being a small part of it and deeply hope that this tragic incident won't destroy any efforts of people who try to establish harmoious racial and ethnic relationships in the world. We are truly looking for as many entertaining moments as possible by offering generous bonuses to all people, no matter their race, who enjoy playing online casino games. You are only a click away of experiencing a real-time casino feeling. Please share your comment with us.



For the past 60 years the subject of Pearl Harbor has often arisen when discussing relations between the United States and Japan. This subject has cast a deep shadow upon the image of Japan as seen by the average American.

What does the term "Pearl Harbor" conjure up in people's psyches? We are processing English-Japanese bilingual online research regarding this subject on our site. More...
Everybody knows "Pearl Harbor."
Even GI Joe goes to Pearl Harbor.

News Review for Biculturalists
"Is being a parasite a revenge?"
(The New York Times, July 1, 2001)

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    July 21~31, 2001

    Uppoer House Election. PM Koizumi and Yasukuni Visit, Whaling, Heat Wave, Love Hoel, etc.

    July 11~20, 2001

    "Koizumi Fever" and Upper House Election, Compensation for slave laborers, sexual harassment and women's social status, Ichiro, Release of "Pearl Harbor" in Japan etc.

    July 1~10, 2001

    Japan-US Summit Meeting, Kyoto Protocol, PM Koizumi and His Reform Projects, Okinawa Rape Case, Ichiro, Revisions of School Text Book, etc.


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  • Karl Ichiro Akiya: a leading Japanese-American Civil Rights activist and winner of Martin Luther King Award, Dies at 91.
  • Series: People Who Do "Japan" Part 1: Sheila B, a New York-based American college student who produces a magazine on J-Pop.

Wow! What an invention! Is this stuff from Japan?
    Vol. 1 : Sea salt from under deep beneath the ocean

    This popular mild-flavored salt harvested from the depths of the ocean floor has journeyed around the globe for 2000 years."

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